In-House Dispensary

If your doctor has prescribed an oral chemotherapy regimen, you have the option of having your prescription filled at our office.

We are able to process prescription claims with most prescription benefits providers, including Medicare. In addition to convenience, our in-office dispensing service may also be a more cost-effective option than retail pharmacy. Retail pharmacies sometimes are not able to verify all coverage options (e.g. Medicare, supplemental plans, copayment assistance programs) before dispensing. We are able to verify coverage, as well as investigate alternative co-payment assistance resources, prior to dispensing. It’s possible to reduce your out-of-pocket expense by using our program.

Receiving your oral chemotherapy at our office also allows our staff to provide you with on-site education and answer any questions you might have.

Our staff understands the importance of getting you started on your treatment right away. Refills often can be coordinated with your next scheduled visit to the clinic.

We are here to help you through your journey. Providing you with timely and affordable therapy is our goal. Check with your doctor or nurse today about using our dispensary.

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