We offer laboratory testing and on-site chemotherapy to our patients to provide quality and consistent care at our location. We have also complied a list of additional reading and links that may help you to understand the side effects of chemotherapy and know what to expect before you begin radiation therapy or other types of cancer treatment. If you should have any additional questions about our cancer treatment and services, as well as any other issues surrounding your diagnosis and treatment options, please speak with our medical team at any time.

Additional Resources:

  • Chemocare – An online resource for cancer patients and families that answers questions about chemotherapy, drug information, how to manage side effects, tips for healthy eating during chemotherapy treatment, information on what to expect before and after chemotherapy, as well as a list of chemotherapy acronyms so you will have a better understanding of what everything means.
  • Chemotherapy and You: Support for People With Cancer –This book is available through the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health located at the federal government’s website. This downloadable e-book can be saved, printed or shared with others and includes tips for meeting with your doctor, contains a Q&A about chemotherapy section, talks about the side effects and feelings experienced by patients during chemotherapy, provides tips on how to manage side effects, offers a list of foods that can help with sickness and a lot of other supportive information.
  • Radiation Therapy for Cancer – Another great resource from the National Cancer Institute, this fact sheet provides cancer patients and their families with specific information on what radiation therapy is, what should be expected before, during and after treatment, as well as detailed information on how radiation therapy works and how it is used to kill cancer cells. This is an excellent resource for patients or family members who want to know all of the facts about radiation therapy in a very direct and scientific way.
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